What makes our Green VPS truly ‘Green’?

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Much of our essential internet infrastructure is hidden from daily life. So, it’s easy to forget about the enormous computing power and storage required. Processing all that data requires large amounts of electricity, and single data centres can use as much power as a small city.

It’s estimated that the ca. 7.2 million data centres worldwide use as much electricity as all of Germany. This translates to 1.1% of global electricity use. This puts the carbon footprint of data centres on a par with that of the global airline industry.

The internet is an important resource for more and more people. With the adoption of streaming services and cloud computing still on the rise there is a clear need to address the environmental impact of data centres.

At Klikk, we believe data should be stored using the highest environmental and data privacy standards. Our Green VPS not only provides excellent performance, but also achieves our goal of enabling a reduced carbon footprint for your cloud computing needs.

To make our Green VPS truly green we:

  1. Utilise 100% renewable power
  2. Optimise resource allocation through our orchestrator
  3. Employ effective deduplication
  4. Offer carbon reporting for full transparency

Fully powered by renewable energy

As electricity is a key resource for employing our Green VPS services, the use of renewable energy is essential to reducing carbon emissions. That’s why we only work with data centre providers that are fully powered by renewable energy, backed by certificates. With circa 98.4% of Norway’s electricity being generated by hydro-electric installations and wind turbines, this is not just a paper reality – our VPS services run on one of the greenest power grids in the world.

Hydroelectric power plant turbines

For us, it doesn’t stop there.

Efficient use of electricity is just as important as the source of the electricity. Energy-efficient equipment and innovative cooling solutions allow our data centre providers to achieve a Power Use Effectiveness (PUE) of less than 1.2.

Our orchestrator

Besides using energy as efficiently as possible, we are also passionate about optimising the use of our available computing resources. So passionate in fact, that when we were unsatisfied with the solutions available on the market, we set out to develop our own provisioning software. Aptly named the ‘Orchestrator’, our unique algorithm constantly looks for ways to run our clients’ VPS instances efficiently. Like an orchestra of individual musicians playing their own pieces, the Orchestrator ensures all our customers’ systems are playing in harmony.

Each customer uses their VPS in a unique way. Some customers run RAM intensive tasks on their virtual server, while others might typically employ their VPS for CPU intensive processes. Based on these typical usage patterns, and an array of other variables, we can group different VPS instances as efficiently as possible on our servers.

This allocation process is started as soon as an order comes in. Like a giant game of Tetris, our algorithm automatically selects the most optimal server to provision the new VPS on.

As the algorithm is dynamic, we can constantly adapt to changing requirements or circumstances. While typical servers have an average workload of 50-60%, we are able to operate our servers with a workload of up to 90-95% – all while maintaining sufficient overhead capacity to absorb peak workloads.

Thanks to this proprietary technology, Klikk’s approach is unique in our industry. It not only allows us to use our servers in the most energy efficient way possible, but also creates clear benefits for cost efficiency – savings we pass on to our customers with our incredibly competitive prices.


Another important tool in our ‘efficiency toolbox’ is our deduplication system. As we host a multitude of virtual servers, certain identical tasks, processes and files might be simultaneously running side-by-side on our computers. If you were to run 10 Ubuntu virtual servers on a single server, there is bound to be a lot of overlap in these installations. By sharing block references of identical data in a shared environment, we save valuable disk space and computing resources. And just like our other efficiency strides, this allows us to reduce both cost and energy use.

Naturally, deduplication only applies to core processes and has no effect on your virtual server’s data integrity, security, and privacy.

Carbon Reporting with a Klikk Green VPS

One of Klikk’s founding principles is environmental sustainability, we want to offer full transparency on how we try to achieve this. With our Monthly Carbon Footprint Report, we offer exact data on the monthly carbon emissions of your server activity.

Green VPS carbon footprint report

By combining your resources allocation to the energy use of our servers and systems, we can convert the calculation into carbon emissions. Besides offering a monthly report, we want automate this process and offer a data feed of your carbon emissions. This would allow you to quickly incorporate this data in your company’s broader carbon reporting.

Try our Green VPS for yourself

A Green VPS doesn’t mean you need to make compromises regarding security, speed, features, or reliability. We offer all the performance and functionality you expect from a top-tier VPS provider. Don’t just take our word for it – Klikk has been awarded the ‘Recommended’ badge by VPSBenchmarks twice in a row.

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