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As a green energy service provider, Klikk delivers 46% better performance and is 30% cheaper than AWS and Azure. Fully compliant with GDPR, your data is safely secured in Europe.

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What makes us different?

  • Secure servers in Norway and Germany
  • World’s most sustainable hosting
  • No commitment. Cancel anytime.
  • Powerful API and Kubernetes-ready
  • All your data is safely stored in Europe
  • Scale up or down, any time you want
  • Intuitive dashboard and quick server setup
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
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46% better performance

Our proprietary cloud platform is built from scratch to give you the best performance. In collaboration with Geekbench, Klikk is 53% better on CPU/RAM, 36% better on DISK BW&IO and 100% better on Governance!

Find out how Encount uses Klikk to increase performance by 2.3X

Read Enount Story here

Uncompromising data security

Your data is safe, and securely stored, in Norway and Germany – and conform to GDPR regulations of data transfer outside the EU. Our beehive-designed firewalls filter out all traffic between servers to prevent your data from being reached and, more importantly, from being hacked.

That’s why EasyMeeting chose – to meet their high level security needs.

Uncompromising data security

30% cheaper than AWS

Based on the data published by VPS-Benchmark, is best in class on price per unit/quality against competitors such as Amazon and Azure. This is not by coincidence, it’s by design.

We want to provide better services at a fraction of the cost you usually pay. In fact, “unbeatable prices” is exactly why Friend Software chose to partner with

30% cheaper than AWS


With Military Grade security and datacenters in the most secure countries in Europe, your data is always 100% safe.


Get a complete up-to-date overview of how much data you use, and what you can save. Upscale and downscale at your will.


We use energy saving hardware and partner up with greenest data centres to ensure you get a Certificate of Sustainability.

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We are proud to partner with

With 100% renewable hydropower and 100% uptime, there’s no better Data Center in Norway to partner with than The World’s Greenest.

Altibox has chosen us as their exclusive partner for their first class gaming servers due to our fast, scalable infrastructure and unbeatable prices.
Read more about Altibox here

Choose Certified Green Infrastructure
When you choose Klikk you run your business on 100% clean energy and top-notch hardware.

Here are Green Mountain’s current Certifications >


« provides simple and easy to use services with excellent performance at very competitive rates. Considering the ever-increasing focus on information security and the current geopolitical climate, a security focused, European, IaaS provider like looks most interesting»

Operations & Security Manager, Xait, Roy Olsen

«KLIKK allows us to have top notch performance at a competitive price while having control over the physical location of our data storage. We see our collaboration project with Friend and KLIKK as a huge competitive advantage when it comes to managing and maintaining customer infrastructure»

CTO, Friend Software Lab, Thomas Wollburg