5 Key benefits of having your VPS hosted within Europe

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To run a successful business, every aspect must perform at the highest level possible. For most organizations, this includes the performance of their web servers. A slow server will turn off customers or obstruct business-critical processes and could lead to a loss of revenue. It’s therefore unsurprisingly more and more businesses choose to use virtual private servers (VPS) for their server needs. 

Most companies benchmark different candidates based on features, speed, and value when selecting their VPS providers. Having been awarded Best Value VPS multiple times by VPSbenchmark, we agree that these elements are important, but there is another aspect you should consider, server location. 

Even though the internet is a global network, the physical location of your server does have an impact on the real-world performance and compliance of your VPS.

GDPR compliance 

Since the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018, data compliance has been a top priority for every business handling personal data. GDPR requires that all data collected on European citizens must be stored in the EU, where it is subject to European privacy laws, or within a jurisdiction that has similar levels of protection. 

Our servers are located in Norway so data residency within GDPR jurisdiction is guaranteed. Although not a member of the EU, Norway is a member of the European Economic Area (EEA). GDPR was incorporated into the EEA agreement, and Norway first embraced the rules in July 2018.  

Protection against CLOUD Act 

Introduced around the same time as GDPR, the US federal CLOUD Act enables US authorities to gain access to all the data stored by American cloud service providers when ordered. The law is not only limited to data on servers located on US territory – it applies to all the servers of American registered companies and cloud providers. The CLOUD Act is considered controversial, as it circumvents other countries’ laws concerning privacy and data regulation, such as GDPR. This may result in a potential conflict between the regulations, as complying with the CLOUD Act would violate GDPR and vice versa. 

Therefore, European businesses using US suppliers should evaluate the risks of using a US supplier. This is especially true for organizations that handle sensitive data, such as government agencies, municipalities, financial institutions, NGOs, and health care and insurance companies. 

Low latency 

Speed matters. Not only regarding the read/write performance of storage and RAM, but also regarding the time it takes for data to travel to and from the VPS. Network latency is the amount of time it takes for a data packet to go from one place to another. Lowering latency is an integral part of building a good user experience. 

Theoretically, internet data travels at the speed of light. However, minute delays caused by internet infrastructure equipment mean that latency can never be eliminated entirely. It can and should, however, be minimized. When using the VPS for website hosting, a high amount of latency would result in poor website performance, leading to a bad user experience and detrimental effects on SEO performance. 

Over the past few years, Norway has invested heavily in fibre optic cables. This has provided Norway with direct, secure, and fast links to the main data hubs on the continent. Thanks to these investments, Norway is now on a par, if not above, neighbouring countries in terms of connectivity, capacity, and route diversity.

Reduced environmental footprint 

European data centres are among the most energy-efficient in the world. At Klikk, we take it further: we only work with data centre providers that are efficiently and fully powered by renewable energy, backed by certificates. With circa 98.5% of Norway’s electricity being generated by hydro-electric installations – our VPS services run on one of the greenest power grids in the world. Use our calculator to see for yourself.


In a world that is rapidly changing, security matters. Not just digital security, but also physical security. Our data centre providers operate according to strict security protocols and employ hypoxic ventilation to minimize fire risk.

Combined with the fact that our data centres are located in some of the world’s most political, economic and environmentally stable regions, Klikk Green VPS solutions offer unrivalled peace of mind for your business continuity. 

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Compliant, reliable, and green servers do not mean you need to make compromises regarding security, speed, or features. In addition to our industry-leading sustainability metrics, we offer all the performance and functionality you expect from a top-tier VPS provider. Don’t just take our word for it – Klikk has been consistently ranked highly as a ‘Best Value VPS’ by VPSBenchmarks this year. 

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