When purchasing backup with a server, the system performs a daily backup of the entire disk every 24h hours. If you don’t want to wait and wish to perform a backup right away you can request this by going to the Servers overview, click on server details, backup and Request backup button. Your server will be scheduled for backup right away, and you can see the status of backup on the same page.

A good place to start is reading up on IPv6 on Wikipedia. IPv6 is the successor of IPv4. All devices do not yet support IPv6, but it is steadily increasing. If you are running a public web server you should use both IPv4 and IPv6, at least for a few more years. If the server is not public, you don’t need IPv4 as long as your users support IPv6.

Our system defaults to IPv6, and IPv6 is free of charge. There is a small monthly fee for IPv4 as an addition to your IPv6. Up to date pricing is available in My Klikk.