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Stable price/performance ratio

As electricity prices had recently doubled and tripled, we were less effected by the fluctuations than other infrastructure providers. This is because our high standards of operational and environmental efficiency not only lowers our environmental footprint but allows our servers to perform consistently well against the competition.

As we now see electricity prices are settling at a level that is double to where it was before, we did adjust our prices by an average of 10%. We will continue to invest in new efficiencies and upcoming products that will lower the environmental footprint of data centres even further.

Easy cloud management

Klikk removes complexity from cloud management and allows you to quickly deploy, access, and resize server resources.

Some key features our customers love are:

  • Transparent and simple prices that help control spend.
  • Quick server access through a built-in virtual console.
  • Easy to configure firewalls on each instance to protect against any malicious or unauthenticated access.
  • Powerful API to easily automate provisioning, scaling, monitoring and template duplication.
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Why Choose Klikk?

Klikk provider green and secure cloud services from Norway.

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We will help you reduce emissions beyond business as usual.

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State of the art firewalls built-in and hardware within secure Norwegian data centres.

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Flexible scaling

Scale up or down whenever you need – optimising your energy use and cost.

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Privacy focused

GDPR compliant, European provider selling great cloud solutions not data.

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Performance at value

Dedicated resources and unlimited bandwidth with incredible value.

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Powerful API

Automate provisioning, scaling, monitoring and template duplication.

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Huge recent investment better connects the Nordics to the world.

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Robust SLAs

99.95% uptime and fast response guarantees available.

We’ll reduce your carbon emissions and prove it through our transparent carbon reporting.

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Our experts can provide any advice and support needed to plan, migrate, or manage your IT services on Klikk’s green infrastructure.

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