Account & Billing

We accept VISA and Mastercard, invoice and pre-paid topup possibilities with Visa/Mastercard and wiretransfer.

Your instances are billed recurring prepaid.

Yes, but you only pay for storage. There will be no fee for CPU, RAM, or bandwidth.

We collect VAT/sales tax only in Norway. All prices on the website are excluding VAT/sales tax.

Two factor authentication is a method of confirming users’ claimed identities by using a combination of two different factors. This is to increase security. We use the combination password and SMS code to confirm a user identity.

You will be notified using the contact information you have registered with us. In order for the service to be renewed, you must transfer enough funds before the existing period ends. If you do not, the service will not be renewed and will terminate by itself. If you have payment problems and need to extend services so they won’t get terminated, please contact support and we will assist you with the matter.

Make sure you are logged out of MyKlikk, then go to the Reset Password page and follow instructions.

If you chose to Terminate your instance, it will be completely removed, and you will end your subscription for this instance. By doing so, you will never be charged for anything on this instance again, but you will not be able to get back the data and setup either. This is done by logging in to MyKlikk

Security & Privacy

Yes. We are committed to transparent and secure handling of all personal data on our network, and we fully meet the requirements the GDPR legislation.

  • To retrieve: Log in to MyKlikk, go to Servers overview, click on “server details” icon, then click on Storage and on the download disk button
  • To delete: Log in to MyKlikk, go to the servers overview, select the server and click the Terminate button.

Our system uses several layers of security isolation. To best protect your data, you should keep your multi-factor credentials in a safe way. You should not store your password anywhere, but at least not store it on the same device you use as one-time-password generator. You should always require multi-factor authentication when accessing your data. Sometimes it is also a good idea to encrypt all data on disk using, for example, end-to-end encryption. If you are looking for secure ways of storing and accessing sensitive data, please contact support and we can assist you with secure solutions.


When purchasing backup with a server, the system performs a daily backup of the entire disk every 24h hours. If you don’t want to wait and wish to perform a backup right away you can request this by going to the Servers overview, click on server details, backup and Request backup button. Your server will be scheduled for backup right away, and you can see the status of backup on the same page.

A good place to start is reading up on IPv6 on Wikipedia. IPv6 is the successor of IPv4. All devices do not yet support IPv6, but it is steadily increasing. If you are running a public web server you should use both IPv4 and IPv6, at least for a few more years. If the server is not public, you don’t need IPv4 as long as your users support IPv6.

Our system defaults to IPv6, and IPv6 is free of charge. There is a small monthly fee for IPv4 as an addition to your IPv6. Up to date pricing is available in My Klikk.