What is the link between clinical psychology and digital games and how did Klikk enter the picture?

We were captivated by the story of Luda so wanted to share their story and why they chose Klikk.com for their latest project.

Games are fun and inherently interactive, which is why digital games are also a great medium for communication, learning, and development. Luda is a digital games studio that understands this versatility better than most.

Combining interest with expertise

Kris at Luda has put a team together with varied backgrounds but a common interest in digital games. The purpose of Luda is to help companies communicate effectively through the medium.

Kris was always interested in gaming, and fondly remembers playing Rogue at a young age.  However, professionally he is a certified psychologist and these worlds had not combined until he was asked to provide professional input to a game’s storyline and psychological effect on the player. Since then, Kris and the team have worked on various interesting projects for learning programmes, to aid organisational development, entertainment, and other cultural expressions.

Luda’s latest project is to develop a web application for a client’s company leadership development and recruitment. That requires a secure web application, which is where Klikk comes in.

Kris Kåring - Luda CEO

Kris Kåring – Luda CEO

A local feel and common understanding of data privacy

To deliver the game securely they wanted a cloud service that performed well but could also be secure and trusted. With Klikk being from Norway, it would mean a more local feel to the service and a common understanding of what it means to ensure data privacy and GDPR safety. With some good performance results visible in VPS benchmarks, Luda got started setting up on Klikk’s cloud.

Luda’s goal is to become a reliable, expert partner in how to deliver effective communication through digital games. With Klikk their aim is to release their first multi-player game from our servers, and we are happy to support.

Find out more about Luda from luda.no

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