Let’s build a more sustainable cloud

Klikk provides virtual machines and data backup and recovery cloud services that can ensure:

  • GDPR safety
  • Lowest carbon footprint
  • Supplier independence
  • Best price/performance
  • Robustness and reliability

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    Green and GDPR friendly cloud servers

    Deploy the right instance to fit your workloads and applications. Some great examples of how to use our virtual machines include:

    General purpose instances
    Web-based applications, E-Commerce, Video and audio streaming, API, Relational databases

    High-performance compute
    Video encoding, batch processing, CI/CD, high performance computing, ad serving, analytics processing

    Memory focused instances
    Real-time analytics, MySQL database, in-memory databases and caches

    Storage optimised instances
    High-frequency online transaction processing, large nonrelational databases; NoSQL Cassandra, MongoDB

    Why Choose Klikk?

    We believe data should be stored using the highest environmental and data privacy standards.

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    We will help you reduce emissions beyond business as usual.

    Firewall icon

    State of the art firewalls built-in and hardware within secure Norwegian data centres.

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    Flexible scaling

    Scale up or down whenever you need – optimising your energy use and cost.

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    Privacy focused

    GDPR compliant, European provider selling great cloud solutions not data.

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    Performance at value

    Reserved resources and unlimited transfer with incredible value.

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    Powerful API

    Automate provisioning, scaling, monitoring, and template duplication.

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    Huge recent investment better connects the Nordics to the world.

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    Robust SLAs

    99.95% uptime and fast response guarantees available.