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Hiring: Ecommerce Manager


Klikk.com is a Norwegian Cloud Provider challenging established, less privacy-focused competitors like Azure, DigitalOcean and Amazon AWS in the US and China. We’re the GDPR-friendly European alternative, and we are well on our way to establishing ourselves in Germany as well.

Our whole team has an impressive track record, and we have ambitions of becoming a Global company.

You’re probably the right candidate for us if you can tick four or more of these boxes:

  • You’ve been successful with online sales before (either in B2B or B2C)
  • You know how to analyze online buying behavior and optimize around it
  • You’ve contributed to success with Inbound/Content Marketing
  • You can point to impressive results from PPC or email marketing
  • You know how to think strategically and implement your vision (by yourself or with help)
  • You have solid experience with making sense of numbers from Google Analytics
  • You are intimately familiar with HubSpot or similar software
  • You take data privacy seriously and want to learn more about GDPR, the US Cloud Act and more
  • You want to be responsible for launches in new countries
  • This role feels a little scary, but you have “guts” and you’re eager to learn

Do you want to fly sky high?

We’re looking for someone who wants to be part of an adventure. Is that you?

Please apply even if you’re not 100% qualified.

Apply now:

Klikk here to send us an application and CV – and feel free to tell us what you enjoy most at work and otherwise.

Be sure to send in your application by the 31st of October.

Where you’ll be working from:

We are mainly interested in hiring someone who can work from our Stavanger office in Norway, but we’re willing to work something out with the right candidate (both short term and long term).

Why bet on us? We deliver 46% better Performance for 1/3 of the Price, and we’re 100% better on Data Governance and Sustainability.