– I think we’ve only seen the beginning of what Klikk can do

Xait is a software company that’s taking document collaboration and automation to the next level. They did solid research before they decided to go with Klikk, and they’re getting a lot out of our API.

That’s why we’re really xaited that Roy Olsen (the Head of Operations) has been kind enough to make a video about why Xait decided to go with Klikk and what their experience has been so far.

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The same breed of GDPR as we are

– So not only does Klikk.com provide premium performance at ⅓ of the cost, but they also store all of their data and do all their processing in Norway and Germany.

– Being a Norwegian company they’re the same breed of GDPR as we are. And that of course helps us build trust both within the company and with customers.

Is GDPR important to your company, too? Find out why thinking about Data Governance is so important when moving your business to the cloud in this video:

Getting started was really easy

– Getting started with Klikk was really easy. We got our first virtual machine up and running in a matter of minutes, without any local installation of any software or hardware.

We spend a lot of time making sure the server setup experience is as smooth as possible, so we always love hearing feedback like this!

Curious about how it works? Here’s a video showing you how to create a server (or server cluster) using Klikk in under 1 minute:

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Powerful API

Klikk comes with a mature API which is really important to Xait. It lets them automate every aspect of the infrastructure using tools like Ansible or Terraform. All our customers can use our API at no extra cost.

Benefits of using an API when managing your infrastructure include:

  • There’s no need to manually set up new projects.
  • You can setup templates once and duplicate automatically.
  • Easily expand and decrease storage exactly when needed.

This is only the beginning for Xait and Klikk

– Using Klikk at Xait has convinced us that it is in fact possible for a Norwegian Cloud Infrastructure Provider to really compete with the large Global actors (which all happen to be American)

– I think we’ve only seen the beginning of what Klikk.com can do in Infrastructure as a Service, and I look forward to being a part of that journey. 

– Choosing Klikk as your Infrastructure as a Service Provider may be seen as a good investment into both the future of Server Technology and the future of Data Governance.

– I do recommend giving Klikk.com a try! You can have your first server up and running in a matter of minutes.

Benchmarking Klikk against other vendors

– Before we started using Klikk we benchmarked them against several other cloud vendors, and they were the cheapest by far. In fact, they provide really great performance at, perhaps a ⅓ of the price.

Xait were kind enough to share their performance benchmarking data with us. As you can see from the chart, Klikk is 53% better on CPU/RAM, 36% better on DISK BW&IO.

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Roy’s top reasons for choosing Klikk

  • Same GDPR-breed as Xait
  • The API is very versatile
  • They’re the cheapest by far
  • It’s investing in the future
  • Really easy to get started
Roy Olsen | Head of Operations, Xait

What makes Klikk different?

  • Secure servers in Norway and Germany
  • World’s most sustainable hosting
  • No commitment, cancel anytime
  • Powerful API and Kubernetes-ready

  • All your data is safely stored in Europe
  • Scale up or down, any time you want
  • Intuitive dashboard and quick server setup
  • Unlimited bandwith

Wondering if Klikk is right for you?

Feedback from happy customers

«KLIKK allows us to have top notch performance at a competitive price while having control over the physical location of our data storage. We see our collaboration project with Friend and KLIKK as a huge competitive advantage when it comes to managing and maintaining customer infrastructure»

CTO, Friend Software Lab, Thomas Wollburg

«Klikk.com provides simple and easy to use services with excellent performance at very competitive rates. Considering the ever-increasing focus on information security and the current geopolitical climate, a security focused, European, IaaS provider like Klikk.com looks most interesting»

Operations & Security Manager, Xait, Roy Olsen

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