Microsoft 365 Backup-as-a-Service

A reliable backup and recovery service that protects your critical Microsoft 365 data on our green, Norwegian-owned cloud platform.

Klikk ensures:

  • Complete protection of OneDrive, SharePoint, Exchange, and Teams.
  • An immutable and encrypted backup stored.
  • Rapid, granular restore and recovery when needed.

So, if your data is held to ransom or lost, we’re ready to rapidly recover it.

Powered by market leading security software

Protected on Klikk’s green cloud platform


100% renewable hydro-power with optimal resource allocation.


Norwegian-owned European cloud.

Reliability and performance

SLAs and response guarantees provided.

Why back up Microsoft 365?

With Microsoft 365 you get a full suite of products, however a comprehensive backup of those files and data is not one of them.

With Klikk, you’re in safe hands, enabled to:

  • Take control of your data
    Microsoft hosts your data in the cloud but that data and ensuring the backup of it is your company’s responsibility.
  • Rapidly respond to recover lost or compromised data
    Productivity matters and you are protected from any accidental deletion, security threats, or ransomware attacks – ready to quickly recover.
  • Increase control of your compliance and retention policies
    Native data retention and recovery options are limited even when set to the maximum allowed.

You’re protected in 3 simple steps

It is simple to get started with your choice of service package.

You’ll get proven market leading protection, thanks to our technology partner Cohesity, and the knowledge that your service is running on our Green and GDPR-safe cloud platform.

We provide a custom service demo
We get you up and running quickly
Then, you’re securely protected

Key capabilities of Microsoft 365 Backup-as-a-Service

Good for the planet

We use energy efficient hardware and resource allocation whilst utilising 100% renewable hydro-power.

Back up your data

Complete immutable and encrypted protection of OneDrive, SharePoint, Exchange, and Teams.

Effective recovery options

Whether a granular or bulk recovery is required we help you fast.

Assured integrity

We monitor backups to make sure they are up-to-date and test the restore. So when needed, you recover fast.

Secure Teams

Full back up and recovery options for files, conversations, and messages.

Protect SharePoint

Comprehensive archive, backup, and recovery functions for document, libraries, lists, sites, and subsites.

Control data retention

Set custom data retention rules to automate the backups according to your policies with specific SLAs.

Easy discovery

A powerful search with indexed metadata to enable rapid search and recovery.

Meet compliance demands

Easily retrieve data and documents to meet any regulatory or legal requests in a timely manner.

    Let's get you protected

    We respect your personal details as outlined in our Privacy Policy.

    Running on Klikk’s Green and GDPR-safe cloud

    Powered by market leading security software

    Did you know that?


    seconds between ransomware attacks


    of companies hosting data in public cloud experience a security event


    days to recover from a data breach


    of small businesses close within 6 months of a cybersecurity event

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