– After going from an old, slow cloud vendor to Klikk, we’ve never looked back!

A year ago, Fossum IT made the move from their previous cloud vendor to Klikk. After a successful free trial where the CEO both experienced our support team and how fast and intuitive Klikk was, Kjetil Fossum’s verdict was clear.

Read on to learn what drove the change and what Kjetil’s top reasons for going all in were:

Wondering if Klikk is right for you? Kick the wheels for free like Fossum IT did: Get started now

First off, what does Fossum IT do?

Fossum IT is a company that mainly focuses on their SaaS that delivers business critical systems to the mainland helicopter sector in Norway.

Their Suite of tools includes everything from tools for planning and scheduling helicopter missions, to maintaining and ensuring follow-up of the many safety steps required. Security and reliability are therefore very important factors for Fossum IT.

– For us it’s very important that our cloud suppliers have servers that are super stable and keep a high standard. That is very, very important. Critical elements to the business.

Fossum IT’s ‘Flight Operation System’

Tired of the old vendor

Fossum IT’s old cloud vendor had a slow, unintuitive interface and everything felt like it took longer than it should. The support team was just as slow as the interface, so Kjetil didn’t feel like they were prioritized as a customer. The vendor getting acquired only made matters worse, as the bigger company changed the already frustrating administration tool to fit everything into their “box”.

– It all felt slower compared to Klikk, which is the experience I still have. Klikks management tool is particularly useful, fast and simple. It simply works very well.

The grass looked greener

Kjetil had heard about Klikk from one of the Klikk founders, but he decided to take the plunge when he saw an ad where we offered a free trial. After reading about how intuitive and secure Klikk was on the website he decided to go all in and moved an entire server from the older vendor to Klikk.

– All in all it was a simple process, and I went in head first. Klikk seemed like a very great and stable option from the beginning, and I therefore had no doubts about starting the implementation.

Wondering if Klikk is right for you? Kick the wheels for free like Fossum IT did: Get started now

Beautifully simple

Kjetil’s favorite thing about Klikk is how fast and intuitive the dashboard feels. – My main priority is simplicity. Whether or not something is user friendly, easily accessible and doesn’t require a lot of time to learn is something you notice quite fast.

We spend a lot of time making sure the server setup experience is as smooth as possible, so we always love hearing feedback like this!

Curious about Klikk?

Here’s a video showing you how to create a server (or server cluster) using Klikk in under 1 minute →

Getting more for less

Fossum IT feel like they get a lot of bang for their buck, especially when it comes to storage. Where Kjetil feels he gets the big savings though is actually from the time he saves.

They spend about the same as before on cloud hosting, but they get a lot more for their money. Noticeably better performance from high-end (vs old) servers and comfortable wiggle room in terms of storage.

Everything we need is right here

Kjetil thinks Klikk has a lot of really great features. From the settings, to the firewall and management of resources at the server and server cluster level. He says that what Klikk is doing works very well.

There was a tiny hiccup when Kjetil tried to set up his free trial server, but this was quickly solved over a weekend with help from support.

– I don’t need customer support when it’s all smooth sailing, only if I get stuck and need assistance. Having had issues with getting support from the old vendor I’m pleased to know Klikk is here for me if I need them. I found that they were very service-minded and efficient.

Kjetil and his team have everything they need to easily create and manage their servers through their browsers.

This is where the puck is going

With immediate access to state of the art hardware and software, Fossum IT haven’t looked back since they made the choice to test out Klikk.

Because Fossum IT is about to expand their customer base to Switzerland and possibly other countries in Europe, they really appreciate having the option to host with Klikk in Germany.

Kjetil feels like cloud-based IT infrastructure is the new normal, and that this model here to stay. He also feels like the direction Klikk is going in is the right one, so he feels like he’s made the right choice for his company for years to come.

Fossum IT’s top reasons for choosing (and sticking to) Klikk

  • Rock solid security
  • Reliability and 100% uptime
  • Helpful, fast customer service
  • Intuitive, fast dashboard
  • More bang for the buck and really cheap storage
  • Multiple EU servers in case of expansion
Kjetil Fossum, CEO of Fossum IT

What makes Klikk different?

  • Secure servers in Norway and Germany
  • World’s most sustainable hosting
  • No commitment, cancel anytime
  • Powerful API and Kubernetes-ready

  • All your data is safely stored in Europe
  • Scale up or down, any time you want
  • Intuitive dashboard and quick server setup
  • Unlimited bandwith

Wondering if Klikk is right for you?

Feedback from happy customers

«KLIKK allows us to have top notch performance at a competitive price while having control over the physical location of our data storage. We see our collaboration project with Friend and KLIKK as a huge competitive advantage when it comes to managing and maintaining customer infrastructure»

CTO, Friend Software Lab, Thomas Wollburg

«Klikk.com provides simple and easy to use services with excellent performance at very competitive rates. Considering the ever-increasing focus on information security and the current geopolitical climate, a security focused, European, IaaS provider like Klikk.com looks most interesting»

Operations & Security Manager, Xait, Roy Olsen

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