Deploy and manage all your cloud servers with ease

Whether you need one server or tens of thousands, our magic dashboard has your back! Choose to manage them individually or as clusters at your convenience.

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46% better performance for ⅓ of the price

Our proprietary cloud platform is built from scratch to give you the best performance. Klikk is 53% better on CPU/RAM, 36% better on DISK BW&IO and 100% better on Governance!

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Feel secure about where your data is at all times

With servers in Norway and Germany, we’ll never be forced to share your data. That means you can tick that Data Governance box! Your data is 100% safe with us.

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Military-Grade security and 100% up-time

Every instance has its own firewall, and your data is always safe. Nothing gets through our Military-Grade security.

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Full customization and predictable pricing

Customize everything to get exactly what you need. Scale up and down at any time. No hidden fees, minimum server size or annual plans. Did we mention unlimited bandwidth?

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Get a Certificate of Sustainability

We use energy saving hardware and partner up with greenest data centres to ensure you get a Certificate of Sustainability.

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We’re here to support you when you need it

We’ve created handy guides for you to check out if you get a little stuck. If you need more hands-on help, you can always reach out to us straight from your dashboard.

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Ready to deploy your server?

It only takes a few clicks. You’ll get your server up and running in under 2 minutes!