“I’d highly recommend Klikk to anyone in Norway (and Europe) looking for a flexible and green cloud provider!”

Simon Sakkestad
Head of New Services at Altibox 

Read on to find out why Altibox chose Klikk as their preferred IaaS partner to run their first class gaming server service.

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What is Altibox?

Altibox delivers Broadband, IPTV and VoIP services distributed in Norway and Denmark. They’ve also launched a first class game server service powered by Klikk.com, where gamers with limited technical experience can set up Minecraft servers in just a few clicks, and more savvy gamers can build custom servers for any game.

The customers of Altibox expect the best of the best, and therefore Altibox never stops obsessing over quality. They’ve had the happiest broadband customers in Norway for 11 years, so they must be doing something right!

The green initiative and the feeling that Klikk sincerely wanted us to succeed together made the choice an easy one. No other cloud platform came close on that front.”

Finding a reliable provider

Altibox gaming and sustainability initiatives drove them to look into green cloud platforms that would be willing to create tailor made gaming servers for their customers.

And that’s where Klikk.com came in.

“It was important to us that the cloud provider we chose had a sound sustainability approach and the trust of being a local provider in Norway” said Simon.

Fortunately, that’s exactly what makes Klikk strong:

“Klikk.com has one of the strongest brand names in Norway for cloud infrastructure – especially given their partnership with Green Mountain, so it made perfect sense to Altibox.”

User experience is priority number one

A fast gaming service is not optional, it’s a requirement.

No customer wants to play their favorite game if it lags or is slow. Altibox deeply cares about the customer and user experience and it is not something they negotiate on.

“At Altibox, we want to provide the best user experience to our customers – it comes down to speed and stability. Our customers want the fastest servers possible, otherwise their gaming experience is poor. “

In other words, what Altibox needed was:

“A flexible, scalable and reliable cloud provider.”

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Word travels fast in Norway and it didn’t take long for the Altibox team to become aware of Klikk.

In fact, there’s no other brand in Norway that offers the same scalable and reliable service that Klikk does. And Simon quickly became aware of Klikk as soon as he started his search for a new partner.

“Given the space we’re in, it didn’t take us long to hear about who Klikk are and what they can do. We reached out to them and immediately started discussions on how we can help and support each other.”

Curious about Klikk?

Here’s a video showing you how to create a server (or server cluster) using Klikk in under 1 minute →

What makes Klikk unique?

So, why did Simon choose Klikk over global brands?

Here’s what we had to say:

“Like many other companies, we did take into account the well-known usual suspects – such as AWS, Vultr and Digital Ocean – but the green initiative and the feeling that Klikk sincerely wanted us to succeed together made the choice an easy one.

No other platform came close on that front.

Altibox didn’t want to become “just another customer” to a global brand. They wanted a partnership, and from a company that gets their business needs.

“In our perspective, Klikk are small enough to adapt quickly, and at the same time, large enough to handle scale.”

We asked Simon if he would recommend Klikk to others?

His response made us smille:

“I’d highly recommend Klikk to anyone in Norway (and Europe) looking for a flexible and green cloud provider!”.

How Altibox benefits from using Klikk

Since launching with Klikk, Altibox have enjoyed great success and the feedback from customers has been overwhelmingly positive.

“We have launched a unique experience for our customers, and we hope our business continues to grow year over year. “

By partnering with Klikk, Altibox are delivering on their brand-promise:

“Our customers use Altibox because we are a fast, reliable, and agile.

We drive innovation and together with Klikk.com we will do the same with both private gaming and professional e-sport.”

It’s been a fruitful partnership and we’re happy for Simon and the Altibox team. They seem happy, too.

“Altibox offers a super-fast and reliable gaming platform, and we have Klikk to thank for that!”

We’re looking forward to what the future holds for our partnership, Simon!

5 reasons why Simon at Altibox chose Klikk

  • Sustainability and green initiative
  • Can handle large volume and help them scale
  • Friendly and supportive on-boarding team
  • Trustworthy provider that keeps data safe
  • A local Norwegian provider

What makes Klikk different?

  • Secure servers in Norway and Germany
  • World’s most sustainable hosting
  • No commitment, cancel anytime
  • Powerful API and Kubernetes-ready

  • All your data is safely stored in Europe
  • Scale up or down, any time you want
  • Intuitive dashboard and quick server setup
  • Unlimited bandwith

Wondering if Klikk is right for you?

Feedback from happy customers

«KLIKK allows us to have top notch performance at a competitive price while having control over the physical location of our data storage. We see our collaboration project with Friend and KLIKK as a huge competitive advantage when it comes to managing and maintaining customer infrastructure»

CTO, Friend Software Lab, Thomas Wollburg

«Klikk.com provides simple and easy to use services with excellent performance at very competitive rates. Considering the ever-increasing focus on information security and the current geopolitical climate, a security focused, European, IaaS provider like Klikk.com looks most interesting»

Operations & Security Manager, Xait, Roy Olsen

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